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Vincenzo Missanelli

In 1978 Vincenzo Missanelli graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence and Carrara writing a “Survey on project developments from the commissioner’s order to the manufacturing of an item with a close analysis of some design projects by Mario Bellini, Silvio Coppola and Bruno Munari“.
During those years at the Academy, V. Missanelli attends specialization courses such as Theory and History of Design, Design, Research and Technique of Artistic Materials and Special Graphic Techniques. Eventually V. Missanelli designs art manifestos for artists and cultural meetings organized by Getulio Alviani at the Academy in Carrara: Emilio Isgrò’s Talks on Visual Poetry, Bruno Munari’s Playing with Art, Piero Dorazio’s Talks on Colors, Luciano Lattanti’s Etching in Ornamental Icons, Arnaldo Pomodoro’s Open Dialogue as well as for the art critic Umbro Apollonio with his Desirable Art Perspective and Renato Cardazzo’s Lost Occasions.
In 1979 following Alviani and Apollonio’s advice, V. Missanelli takes part in the XIV Internationalen Malerwochen in der Steiermark – Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum. In the next two years Missanelli carries out several researches and experiments with the perceptive ambiguity of light reflected on color and various materials, showing great interest in matters regarding plasticity and visual data. In 2008, with works of the period of the International Weeks of Painting, acquired in the permanent collection of the Neue Galerie Graz, he participates in Austria, to the great anthological exhibition Viaggio in Italia. Arte italiana 1960 – 1990.
In 1982 V. Missanelli opens his own studio as a designer collaborating with the local industry and offering design services (research-development-control), artistic management, graphics and environmental scenography. In 1988 V. Missanelli wins the Casaidea Prize of Italian Design of Rome with his Cleopatra ground/wall lamp.

His expertise in the field of product design comes from a deep knowledge of materials and technology. Well-aware of the constant evolution in manufacturing, V. Missanelli has always treasured his work and supported businesses in the complex production process including all stages of a project such as market target and design communication. Designing is applied to different fields: car accessories, exhaust systems for kitchens, ceramics, interior decoration, lighting, padded seats, handles, furniture, household items, taps and bathroom appliances.
V. Missanelli is a member of ADI (Association of Industrial Design) in Milan and one of the founders of its branch in Tuscany.

In 2003 and 2004 V. Missanelli travels to Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Zhongshan Guangdong and Shangai to research and check on the development of new emerging markets.
Moreover, he develops works with a wide range of materials: ceramics, wood, lexan, marble, metal, techno-polymer and glass.

Some of his projects and designs have been published and advertised by several specialized magazines: Abitare, Casabella, Domus, Fascicolo, Formaluce, Il Bagno, Illuminotecnica, Interni, Interni Annual, Italian Lighting, Lighting Design, Metropolis-USA, Ottagono, Spazio Casa, Ufficiostile and others. His main works and products on various fields of design have been displayed at the most important exhibitions and fairs both in Italy and abroad.